Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2009

Every year we think celebrities can't possibly get any worse, and then every year they do.

From criminal behavior and cheating on spouses to public outbursts and emotional breakdowns, the twin delusions of power and invincibility continue to wreak havoc on the rich and famous.

So who made the cut for Pop Tarts' biggest celebrity meltdowns of 2009?

As always, Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis, Ph.D. worked with Pop Tarts to compile this year's list and shed some insight into the human condition.

So without further adieu...

#1. Chris Brown "hit" our top spot this year by beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the Grammys. Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats and accepted a plea deal of community labor and five years' formal probation. Now his latest album is tanking, and the opportunities for him to redeem himself and revive his career are few and far between.

#2. Tiger Woods swung his way into the second spot with his ever-evolving list of mistresses. “The more famous and the more powerful Tiger became, the more he lived like a rock star,” said Wanis. “The lesson for the rest of us is: don’t put people on pedestals or worship them, and beware thinking that a squeaky clean sport equals squeaky clean behavior."

#3. Despite all of his chart success, it was not a good year for Kanye West, who took it upon himself to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards and tell millions of viewers that Beyonce deserved the award instead. Needless to say, he was given the boot from the live taping by executives and forced to “take a break” from the limelight.

#4. "Dark Knight" star Christian Bale showed his dark side this year. Just a few months after dealing with police after an alleged domestic violence incident involving his mother and sister (which he denied), Bale went ballistic for a full three minutes on the set of "Terminator" after Shane Hurlburt, director of photography, accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

#5. Carrie Prejean takes our fifth position. She braved the storm after she voiced her opposition to gay marriage, but her situation went from bad to worse, and she lost her tiara over contract breaches and the revelation of topless pics. Eventually the suits were settled out of court.

#6. The most watched and controversial couple of the year, Kate and Jon Gosselin, saw their marriage split and their reality TV show go bye-bye. Talk about a double meltdown whammy.

#7. Lindsay Lohan first graced the Meltdown List in 2007, and things haven't gotten much better for her since. The star continues to jump from boyfriend to girlfriend, and this year her dad even got into the act by releasing her personal voice mails. Ouch.

#8. Mischa Barton was thisclose to overtaking Lindsay this year after being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward and seeing her CW show, "The Beautiful Life," get yanked after two episodes.

#9. David Letterman revealed on his late night talk show that a man was trying to extort millions from him in return for remaining mum on Letterman's sex with staffers. Letterman then admitted that he had indeed slept with women who worked for him on CBS' "Late Show" in the years leading up to his marriage. Awkward.

#10. "Big Brother" winner Adam Jasinski got his 15 minutes of fame and half a million dollars in 2008. 2009 was not so nice, as he was arrested for allegedly trying to sell 2,000 Oxycodone pills. Adam now faces a possible 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted.

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