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David Letterman

  1. 'It's Absurd'

    Joe Halderman's attorney defends client in Letterman extortion scandal

  2. Question of the Day: 10/3

    What will David Letterman's confession cost CBS?

  3. The Architect!

    Karl Rove on David Axelrod!

  4. Relentless Attack

    Scathing article attacks Palin and her family, even after resignation

  5. No Laughing Matter

    Sex extortion scandal rocks David Letterman , CBS

  6. 'Unexpected Announcement'

    Mike Huckabee: Palin has 'spunk' and is willing to take risks

  7. Flu Vaccine Mania

    Will Glenn Beck be rolling up his sleeve to get the H1N1 shot?

  8. Road Rage

    New York City cabbies duke it out on Broadway

  9. 'Factor' Debut, Part 2

    Sarah Palin talks about her harsh media critics

  10. Bob Barker

    Former 'Price Is Right' host on his charity work

  11. Huckabee's Opinion: 10/3

    We can have different points of view, but we shouldn't have different standards

  12. Oprah and Rosie: 'O' What a Dream Team?

    Are Oprah's new cable channel and Rosie O'Donnell a recipe for success or disaster?

  1. Bruce Willis and David Letterman : Pinheads or Patriots?

    Pinheads & Patriots: 10/7

  2. No Laughing Matter?

    David Letterman makes Paula Abdul uncomfortable telling her to sue 'Idol' and FOX

  3. Letterman's Theory About O'Reilly

    David Letterman takes shot at 'Factor' host, questions his beliefs

  4. Double Standard?

    Will Rev. Al Sharpton join growing chorus calling for David Letterman's job?

  5. Late-Night Witchcraft

    David Letterman takes a jab at Christine O'Donnell

  6. Rumsfeld Spars With Letterman

    Testy exchange between former Defense secretary and late-night host

  7. Michael Showalter Is Mr. Funny Pants

    Comedian writes hilarious book about not writing a book

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