Eva Longoria and Tony Parker both want their divorce to go smoothly, but Tony's sudden move Friday to file his own divorce papers angered Eva and complicated the process.

TMZ broke the story that Tony filed his own divorce papers in Texas, just days after Eva filed in California. Sources tell us Eva's side had absolutely no idea Tony's lawyer filed the docs and, we're told, Eva was "very upset" when she found out.

According to our sources, both Tony and Eva want their prenup enforced. But when Eva's lawyer filed the divorce papers, the attorney checked the box that reserved Eva's right to collect spousal support, something we're told is inconsistent with their prenup.

Sources say since Tony's lawyer felt Eva's divorce papers left open the possibility she would challenge the prenup, he wanted to protect his client by filing in Texas, which several experts tell us could be beneficial to Tony in terms of enforcing the prenup.

In the end, sources connected with the couple us Eva and Tony are in sync, all was calm on Sunday, but right now there are two divorce petitions in two states, and someone's gotta give.
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