Tom Hardy transforms into Al Capone for 'Fonzo'

Tom Hardy fans, stop what you’re doing!

Director Josh Trank just posted a new photo of the 40-year-old actor -- except he’s not his usual dashing self. Instead, the leading man is pale, covering in wrinkles and sporting a receding hairline. Additionally, Hardy is dressed in ‘40s sleep attire, complete with a blue-and-grey silk robe. And finally, we can’t forget the stogie hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

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The photo is a first look at Trank’s upcoming biopic "Fonzo," centered around the notorious businessman and hustler Al Capone’s troubled years after getting released from Alcatraz in 1939. Naturally, Hardy is taking on the role of the aging hoodlum as he returns to domesticity and confronts his violent past.

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In the image, Hardy’s Capone is surrounded by a room full of people, and he appears to be under a spotlight. Are all these people real or ghosts from his past? He isn’t exactly dressed for entertaining.

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The upcoming film, which has no release date yet, is Trank’s first project since 2015’s "Fantastic Four," which was plagued with bad press and worse returns at the box office.

"Fonzo" also stars Linda Cardellini, Noel Fisher, Matt Dillon and Kyle MacLachlan.