The Young Bucks find success outside of the WWE

Real life brothers and tag team partners The Young Bucks find fame and fortune in professional wrestling without ever stepping foot in the WWE. They’ve become well-known globally all while maintaining a close knit family life. They chatted with Fox News about their success.

Fox News: How would you guys define The Young Bucks?
Nick Jackson: Nowadays attention spans are a lot smaller so we try and have fun and do our partying on the mat.
Matt Jackson: People want instant gratification. They want to have fun immediately so were like an old-school tag match but on cocaine. That’s the best way I like to put it.
Nick Jackson: Defining the Young Bucks, that’s kind of hard. We’re different than most tag teams -- we’re real life brothers.

Fox News: Has that been an advantage?
Matt Jackson: Absolute advantage of being brothers in the business.
Nick Jackson: Not many disadvantages to be honest.
Matt Jackson: I think there is chemistry naturally because we’re brothers. We’ve been wrestling our entire lives, whether it was in the backyard or the living room, now we can do it in the ring for 14-15 years now. So it’s kind of like this weird magic that only brothers have.

Fox News: Are your wives and kids understanding about the business you're in and the travel away from home it brings?
Matt Jackson: My wife teases me and says [Nick is] like my road wife, and it’s true.
Nick Jackson: We’ve seen each other at the lows, and we’ve seen each other at the highs.
Matt Jackson: We’ve been together when we made $20 bucks a match and to the current day where we’re killing it. So it’s been a fun adventure.
Nick Jackson: My daughter always said “Why do you take pictures with people? I don’t understand.” You can’t really explain it to a 3-year-old.
Matt Jackson: My daughter is 5. I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday; it’s funny that you mention this. Because I was like, “Hey, is it weird that your daddy is a wrestler, honey? What do you think about your other friends?” She’s like, “Yeah it’s really weird.” “What if I was like a fireman would that be normal?” She’s like “Yeah.” “Are you embarrassed?” “A little bit.”
Nick Jackson: Anytime I’m home it’s time to party, so my wife says that it’s unfair because they think like I’m the cool parent…

Fox News: Ring of Honor has an awesome fan base, how does it make you feel as an athlete being able to compete in front of them?
Nick Jackson: This is probably one of my favorite crowds in the world. We travel the entire globe wrestling around great fans but this building (Manhattan Center) being around Ring of Honor fans it’s unreal.
Matt Jackson: Ring of Honor -- you can make a living here. We’re proof of that.

Fox News: You guys have found a lot of success outside of the WWE, whether it’s wrestling in the U.S. or overseas for companies like New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). What advice would you give any upcoming wrestler who thinks they can only succeed in the WWE?
Nick Jackson: We’re happy WWE is signing a lot of guys because the advantage is to the guys like us. They’re signing people just to sign them, so we have the advantage of where we’re at because now we’re more valuable to them.

Fox News: Would you ever want to do this job without each other?
Both: No!
Nick Jackson: Like God forbid if I have to do it, I’ll try. I’ll try and adapt to it, but would I want to do it? No. (Laughing)