Paula Abdul had an unexpected package waiting for her Wednesday night as she returned to her judging gig — this time on the highly anticipated reality competition The X Factor.

Abdul was mortified as contestant Geo Godley took the stage and dropped his pants, forcing producers to place a big 'X' on his, um... factor.

Joining her long time frenemy Simon Cowell, (who created American Idol) record label giant L.A. Reid and 'Pussy Cat Dolls' diva Nicole Scherzinger, Abdul seemed not only shocked with Godley's bad singing technique but his entire stage presence.

"Where is Paula going?"said The X Factor host Steve Jones as he saw the Brazilian judge walk away from the spectacle holding her head.

Abdul is then seen nearly vomiting in a restroom backstage.

"Will she return?" fellow judge Reid asked worried as Cowell looked at the contestant in disbelief adding, "What the bloody hell was that?"

Godley couldn’t understand why the judges were not impressed.

“Uh-oh I think I’m in trouble,” Godley said. “I got other songs too. Gentle slow ballads.”

“This is just one song of many that I have,” he added.

Reid and Scherzinger made sure the Godley understood how unpleasant his performance had been.

“Listen that was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting,” Reid explained. “Get him out of the building please.”

Agreeing with Reid, Scherzinger stated how she was “a little traumatized.”

“I’m going to have to say no,” Scherzinger added.

Abdul eventually made her way back to her seat but not before making it clear that Godley’s behavior was “disgusting.”

"I just witnessed a nightmare on stage," said Abdul."It really got me sick to my stomach.”

Other contestants who kept their pants on and impressed the judges included sassy 13-year-old Rachel Crowe, Simone Battle and Chris Rene who just got out of rehab and is piecing his life back together for him and his toddler son.

The second episode of The X Factor airs Thursday evening.

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