‘The Men of Gaga' Interprets Monster Craze in Images

Two years ago, Carlos Hernández was watching the MTV Awards and was blown away by Lady Gaga's performance.

It was then that the photographer from Venezuela decided to create a tribute to the woman he found so fascinating. He put together a photo exhibit: “The Men of Gaga” -a photographic tribute to the pop star.

Each photo in the exhibition represents Hernández’s interpretation of a song by Lady Gaga. Hernández  (who's artist's name is the acronym UKMCBO) said he wanted to think out outside the box and create “uncommon things, just like she does.”

The result are 22 pictures where songs such as “Poker Face”, “Alejandro,” “Paparazzi”, and more can be seen through Hernández’s eyes. Originally, he planned to make only a diagram of her discography, but the more he became involved in his work, the more he wanted to do something different.

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To give the project an extra twist, he decided to photograph only men. Pictures were taken in Miami, Caracas, New York, Maracáibo and Los Angeles. The male models came from all over the world, from the United States to Venezuela to Brazil to Mexico.

But not all those who posed for the photographs were models – famous men and men close to the pop star also sat down and posed for him. Among them were Michael Silas, a dancer for Lady Gaga, and Glenn Douglas Packard, a music director and choreographer who worked with Michael Jackson and was in the VH1 reality series “Brooke Knows Best.”

Venezuelan fashion designers Leonardo Corredor, Alejandro Ramírez and Abner Gil also participated. And the wardrobe was made by Venezuelan fashion designers Richard Urdaneta Plaza, Alejandro Ramírez, Alberto De Castro, Adriano Russel and Jackson de la Peña.

Hernández said he tried to include Venezuelan talent that he could “show off to the world.”

Hernández studied mechanical engineering at the Universidad del Zulia in Maracaibo, where he is from, and then briefly moved to Delaware to study English. He said being so close to New York, Washington DC & Philadelphia, inspired him to develop a passion for photography.

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When he returned to Venezuela a year later, in 2009, he began working with fashion designers to kick start his photo career. In September of that year was when he saw the MTV awards, and Lady Gaga came into his life.

But he says “The Men of Gaga” isn’t his last project.

“Keep watching me, I haven’t started yet.”

For more information about Carlos, and his work, please head to his official Website: www.ukmcbo.com

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is a freelance writer based in Venezuela.

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