'The Chase' host Brooke Burns 'will not be wearing' her Baywatch swimsuit

Brooke Burns may have hung up her iconic Baywatch bathing suit, but the 36-year-old actress is still keeping busy with a hit game show, "The Chase," now in its in fourth season on GSN. Brooke joined us in-studio along with her formidable 6’7", 380-lb. co-star "The Beast" Mark Labett. The two chatted about their love of game shows, the possibility of a "Baywatch" reunion, and why Brooke will never wear her signature red swimsuit again.

FOX411: I don’t understand why you’re called "The Beast," Mark. Obviously, Brooke is much larger than you.

Brooke Burns: Whoa, whoa…how do you mean exactly? In personality maybe.

FOX411: Yes, in personality and heart but you, Mark, get a bad rap for being tough and mean. I don’t get that vibe.

Mark Labett: My last name is "Labett."  The French word for beast or the werewolf is "labett."  So me and my big little brother have been called that for twenty years.

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    Burns: It’s amazing. A lot of people don’t know it actually is his true namesake.

    FOX411:  So, it wasn’t a well-deserved reputation?

    Burns:  Well, he is a beast of knowledge.

    FOX411:  Brooke, did you ever think you would host a game show?

    Burns: No, that was not something I anticipated. I’ve always loved working and trying new things so this was kind of an interesting jump for me. I’ve done a lot of hosting before but not necessarily a game show. I jumped right in. Beasty has done like 600 episodes in the UK of "The Chase" so it was something new for me learning the game and all of that but once I got in there I found because of my genuine love of people, it was very natural for me to root them on, and my dad used to tell me when I was little that I was too sensitive and I talked too much. Now I tell him as an actor you have to be sensitive and as a game show host you have to be able to talk fast, so I’m like "Dad, I get paid for both those things now."

    FOX411: Were you a fan of game shows growing up?

    Burns: I was a fan of game shows. I loved "The Price is Right."  I loved "Jeopardy." I loved watching them but to be honest growing up in Texas I never looked at television as, “Oh, that’s somebody’s job.” I was just being entertained. I didn’t grow up around the industry. My parents are not in the industry. My dad’s a missionary and my mom is a stay-at-home mom. So, that part of it was not even on my radar.

    FOX411: Mark, you’re a quiz show genius. When did you realize you could retain all sorts of knowledge?

    Labett: It’s one of those things you don’t realize growing up that’s anything special. When you’re doing exams as a kid, my colleagues were doing revision and I’m going, “Why?” They said, “It was to remember what we learned.” And I said, “What, you don’t already?” Because you do it naturally you don’t think that anyone else would find it difficult.  Like Brooke I grew up watching lots of game shows and the information just went there and stayed there.

    FOX411: Brooke, will we ever see a "Baywatch" reunion show or movie?

    Burns: They may be planning something special like that but I will not be wearing my red bathing suit.

    FOX411: Why not?

    Burns: For me that decade has past.  It was great in my twenties to be doing that for sure, and now hang up the suit.

    Labett:  Your daughter might have something to say about that.

    Burns: I have a teenage daughter. She would be like, “Mom, that’s so embarrassing!”

    FOX411:  Do you still keep in touch with some of your "Baywatch" co-stars?

    Burns: Sometimes. It’s kind of like family. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen them. You have so many built in memories especially being in the freezing cold together. When we did the second part of the show over in Hawaii we really did have a strong bond. I don’t necessarily seek them out like my closest friends but we definitely always share something.

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