'Teen Mom 2' star David Eason fired by MTV after alleged anti-gay Twitter rant

"Teen Mom 2" star David Eason has been fired from the MTV reality show after the dad of three reportedly shared a series of homophobic tweets.

On Tuesday, MTV announced that they would officially cut ties with Jenelle Evans' husband.

“David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV,” the network said in a statement to People. “With six weeks left of production on 'Teen Mom 2,' effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

The decision to fire Eason came after fans swarmed Twitter, urging for MTV to fire the reality star due to a series of tweets he allegedly shared in which he called gay and transgender people  “abominations," according to People.

Though Eason’s Twitter account has been removed since the uproar, angry users have posted screenshots that show Eason also seemingly shared thoughts advocating for the right to carry concealed weapons. Evans' husband reportedly tweeted, “It only makes sense to protect our kids the proper way… the only way we know how.”

His remarks sparked backlash on the social media platform, prompting a Twitter war between users.

On Tuesday, Evans defended her husband in a statement to TMZ.

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on,” she said. “David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and David's close friends. We attended Farrah’s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there, and he didn’t act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left. We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

The news of Eason's firing comes right after his wife revealed that she used drugs while pregnant with her daughter Ensley last year.

In a new interview with Vince Russo's podcast "The Brand," the "Teen Mom" star admitted that she tested positive for marijuana after giving birth to her daughter.

“I’m not going to lie about that,” she said on the podcast. “I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive. I did. So CPS [Child Protective Services] were like — I was in the hospital — they said, ‘Did you smoke when you were pregnant?’ I said, ‘I did within the past 30 days. I said I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every 5 minutes, I can’t even eat.’ And they said, ‘Okay, some moms do that. We are not here to judge, we are writing down your information.'”

Evans opened up about her battle with drugs in her 2017 book, "Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom."

According to People, in the book the mother wrote about the beginning of her opioid abuse and said that she “won’t glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” but admitted that her “first trip was amazing."

The star made it clear that her life has significantly changed since then.

“First of all, if I were on drugs I wouldn’t be able to sit here in the morning and get the kids ready and eat healthily," Evans stated on the podcast. "Or I’d be losing a lot of weight.”