Suzanne Somers has no plans to slow down at 68

Anti-aging is what Suzanne Somers preaches, and at 68 years old it, it appears she is walking her talk.

The blonde, bubbly star officially announced she will perform nightly in a new Las Vegas show titled “Suzanne Sizzles.”

"I think that when you are in the audience of a nightclub show it’s fun to be intimately involved with the performer,” Somers said.

Beginning in May, Somers will sing, dance and interact with her fans in a lounge setting at the historic Westgate Hotel in Vegas. (Formerly the Las Vegas Hilton— home to years of legendary Elvis Presley performances.)

Somers says “Suzanne Sizzles” will be an ode to classic Vegas shows that focus on the music and performance minus all the modern bells and whistles.

In addition to the show, a spa and café bearing Somers’ name will open at the Westgate. It will feature some of her favorite healthy dishes that are “high to low fat and minimal in sugar and gluten.”

But guests shouldn’t expect to leave feeling empty. Pasta, cheese, meats and even dessert are on the menu.

“There will be a mean chocolate soufflé with seventy percent Belgium chocolate, very little sugar, so it’s like dessert you can indulge in,” Somers said.

The “Three’s Company” star said her healthy diet and lifestyle has helped her perform on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I’m very open about my age,” Somers said. “I’m 68 years old and I’ve got enough energy to be on 'Dancing with the Stars' dancing with a partner who is younger than my son,” she laughed.

She tells FOX411 her younger partner sometimes has a hard time keeping up.

“The other day I said to him I’ve got you sweating, don’t I?” she joked.

Somers is confident but admits she was nervous about going home when she landed in the bottom two after the first week of performances.

“I didn’t quite understand how the game was played, I didn’t realize they were judging me on week one,” Somers said. “Week one I was a little weak because I was so scared.”

She says those nerves taught her a lesson.

“Humility.  I have learned humility,” Somers said. “It’s so out of my comfort zone. You know, I’ve danced on stage here in Vegas but I’m an entertainer who has learned dances. That’s different from dancing.”