Suki Waterhouse Violates a Candy Bar and Brooklyn Decker Gets Romantic

Here's what everyone keeps gabbing about:

For the tenth day of LOVE magazine's sexy Advent calendar, they debuted the below video of Suki Waterhouse (Bradley Cooper's supermodel girlfriend) grinding on a giant Toblerone bar — the pointiest and most jagged chocolate bar one could possibly choose to rub up against.

What does it take to woo a supermodel? Find out in the interview above, where we asked Brooklyn Decker to name the most romantic thing husband Andy Roddick has ever done for her. You might just be surprised at the answer.

Taylor Swift performed her new song "Style" for the first time on television during Tuesday night's broadcast of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (below). But it's OK if you don't feel like listening to it right now. You're probably going to hear this thing on a sanity-testing non-stop loop until the end of February.

Long-time "Dancing With the Stars" dancer Cheryl Burke is reportedly leaving the show for a variety series on NBC. Not much else is known about Cheryl's new show, but it's probably safe to assume she'll be wearing some kind of skimpy, feathery dancewear for at least half of it.

Netflix has announced plans to debut about 20 original series (or seasons of series) in 2015, which is quadruple their 2014 output. So expect to spend 300 percent more of 2015 on the couch with Dorito crumbs falling out of your mouth onto your sweatshirt.

After serving as the face of Mystic Pizza for far too long, Julie Roberts is now the new face of Givenchy’s spring 2015 campaign (below). But this brings up an even more pressing issue: Now that Julia's out, can Annabeth Gish move as many Mystic Pizzas as her predecessor? Only time will tell.

As we recently reported, Joaquin Phoenix announced his engagement on Monday night's episode of "The Late Show," except now the actor is saying the whole thing was a hoax. So way to go, Joaquin! You've fooled David Letterman (and us) with an incredibly plausible story for no apparent reason. Boy, do we have egg on our faces!

According to TMZ, Mark Wahlberg is applying to be a reservist police officer for the LAPD, which is why he was seeking a pardon from the state of Massachusetts last week. In other words, Mark Wahlberg is seeking to become this generation's Steven Segal, only a much more relevant one.

Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend Toni Garrn posed topless for GQ magazine. A censored pic can be seen below, but you can always visit GQ for the original shot (link is probably NSFW) if you feel like getting fired for looking at naked supermodels on company time.

Sony Pictures' corporate data got hacked last week, and in addition to scripts and celebrity salaries, new leaked documents have now revealed the stars' most guarded secret of all: the aliases they use when checking into hotels. Apparently, Jessica Alba went by "Cash Money" and Rob Schneider used "Nazzo Good," so they (among others) will need to rethink their false names. (Just kidding! Rob Schneider can keep his name. Nobody's looking to break into his hotel room.)

And finally, the nominees for the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced on Wednesday morning. The film "Birdman" leads the pack with six nominations alone, proving once again that audiences just love Michael Keaton in his ridiculous winged superhero costumes.