Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson on her strict upbringing

From the daughter of a marine to model, Hannah Ferguson has definitely broken out of her parents' strict upbringing in the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The 23-year-old told "FOX & Friends" that she wasn't allowed to paint her nails until she was 15.

"We weren't allowed to paint our nails or get our ears pieced until we were 15," Ferguson said. "And certainly not to date!"

She added, "It was pretty strict growing up, but I mean, I can't complain. But I think me and my siblings - I'm one of five - we've turned out pretty well."

Ferguson said it has always been her dream to appear in the magazine after seeing her sniper father's Sport Illustrated calendars in his shop.

"I would always flip through them and look at them and daydream about one day being able to do that. I never thought it would come true."

Despite her strict upbringing the Texas native said her parents are supportive of her career choice.

"They are happy that I am chasing my dream."

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