On Tuesday Charlie Sheen said in an interview that he had informed every woman he had sex with about his HIV status.

But a source close to the situation tells FOX411 that Sheen had sex with “several women” just last week, and didn’t tell them he was HIV positive

“Last week, he had sex with several women. He did not tell them he was HIV positive,” the source told FOX411. “He has had sex with hundreds of women since his diagnosis, and has not told any of them until after. “

Bree Olson, who lived with Sheen in 2011, said in an interview Tuesday with Howard Stern that Sheen never told her, either.

“He never said anything to me,” she said. “I was his girlfriend. I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year.”

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    Sheen and Olson split in April 2011.

    Lauer quizzed Sheen about if he “knowingly or unknowingly” transmitted HIV to any of his sexual partners.

    “Impossible,” the actor replied.

    The star said he did have unprotected sex since finding out about his condition “but the two people I did that with were under the care of my doctor.”

    Sheen said he had already paid "upwards of $10 million" to keep the information secret.

    "We're talking shakedowns," he said.

    The insider addressed Sheen's assertion. “For him to say he’s been shaken down is BS," the source said. "He finds people on the lowest socio-economic ladder. These women are living in fear. The HIV virus incubates for 5-7 years. He may have millions of dollars for HIV cocktails and medications, but they don’t.”

    When reached by email, Charlie Sheen's rep Larry Solters replied “no comment.”