Sofia Vergara Shows Off Darting Skills in Son’s Video Series

Fresh from her successful SNL hosting gig, Sofía Vergara is now showing the world she has excellent aim.

The “Modern Family” star’s son Manolo González published a small clip of Vergara throwing darts and it landing right in the middle. The clip is part of his new series “Mi Vida con Toti” which will debut in the YouTube’s channel Nuevón.

Sofia Vergara Works Hard to Look Good

The climax of the clip is when Vergara goes to show off her dart-throwing abilities and ends up nailing her assistant in the leg with them, creating chaos and one hilarious moment for the audience.

Just last week Vergara caused a sensation when hosting what she called "La Noche de Sábado en Vivo," a.k.a. “Saturday Night Live.”

The Colombian stunner began her first skit a racy monologue that playfully touched on the controversial issue of immigration and her status as a prototypical Latina sex symbol.

Sofía Vergara: America Welcomed Me With 'Open Arms and Pulled Down Pants'

"I always heard that immigrants had a really hard life when they came to America," Vergara said.

"But when I showed up here, everyone was so nice! The men bought me drinks and offered me a place to sleep. This country welcomed me with open arms and pulled down pants."

Vergara, who stars in "The Three Stooges" out in theaters on Friday, gave an underhanded shoutout to her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia.

"This is such a huge moment for me in my life. I never dreamed that I would be here in New York City. I came here all the way from a small, Colombian town called Barranquilla," Vergara said during her opening monologue. "Barranquilla is a Spanish word that means 'Cleveland.'"

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