'SNL' brutally mocks President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference and latest sex scandal

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"Saturday Night Live" returned for the first episode of the new year over the weekend, with Rogue One star Felicity Jones serving as host. However, after it was Alec Baldwin who opened the show, reprising his impression of President-Elect Donald Trump.

The cold open lampooned Trump's first official press conference as the president-elect -- and found comedy pay dirt in in the completely unconfirmed yet widely covered allegations that the 70-year-old businessman hired Russian prostitutes to perform a "golden showers" sex show in front of him.

"I'm not talking about the pee-pee. Because it didn't happen," Baldwin's Trump said after fielding his first question from a reporter. "And it wasn't as cool as it sounds."

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"I want to talk about what is really important, which is jobs, because I am going to bring back a thick stream of jobs back to this country," he added. "The biggest, strongest, steadiest stream you've ever seen. This country will be literally showered with jobs. Because I am a major wiz at jobs. It will be a golden opportunity for me as president to make a big splash."

Baldwin's Trump also addressed his plan to repeal of Obamacare when asked by one reporter if he's considered the fact that 20 million people will lose their health insurance and that many people could die as a result.

"Listen, sweetheart, I'm about to be president. We're all going to die," he shot back.

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The relentless comedic takedown continued with special cameos by Steve Harvey (played by Kenan Thompson), who mocked the "Family Feud" host's recent genial sit-down with the president-elect, as well as a shirtless Vladimir Putin (played by Beck Bennett), who reminded Trump who is really in control of his presidency.

After the opening sketch, Jones took to the Studio 8H mainstage for her monologue, where she got a little help from a hologram Tina Fey (dressed in a white headscarf like a certain iconic "Star Wars" princess) who gave her some advice on how to host.

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"Don't be [nervous]. If Steven Segal can do it, so can you," Fey said. "Don't worry about what the reviews say."

"Does this show get reviewed?" Jones asked.

"Yes, way too much," Fey replied. "And no matter how it goes, the president of the United States will say it's sad and overrated. [But] it's fine, no one cares."

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