Slash touring with new album, happy with how Rock and Roll Hall of Fame turned out

Grammy-winning axeman and newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Slash is ready to hit the road with some new songs on his set list thanks to his second solo album, “Apocalyptic Love,” with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

Slash tells Fox 411 he was so impressed by Kennedy’s work on his last album, he asked him onto the subsequent tour, and after that things just fell into place.

“I had this really ultimate pick up band and we went out and started touring, and pretty early on in the tour, I was like these guys are the best people I’ve played with in a long time," Slash said. "I should do another record and just do it with these guys.”

While the legendary Guns 'N Roses guitarist has moved forward with a new band, he’s also proud of the recent honor his former one received. And despite all the attention over Guns 'N Roses frontman Axl Rose sending an “open letter” declining his induction, Slash said he's glad he and other original members attended.

“There was a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing.  There was the positive side to it which was obviously being acknowledged by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but then the negative side was how are we going to pull this together," Slash told Fox411. "Given our history it didn’t seem possible, and at the end ... the people that wanted to be there and accept the acknowledgement showed up and we got to play, and it worked out really good, and it was a great experience.”

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