Lets talk about sex.

Why not?  It’s Valentine’s Day.

And who better to talk about it with than Dr. Ruth Westheimer. As a psychosexual therapist, she pioneered speaking frankly about sexual matters back in the '80s, starting with her radio program, "Sexually Speaking."

Now she’s in her eighties and still talking about sex – even on Twitter @askdrruth.

And as a brand ambassador for Clorox, she’s even talking about getting steamy at the Laundromat.

She’s a holocaust survivor, was a sniper for the Jewish freedom fighters, has written 35 books (36 on the way), and thinks people should have sex until they are 99.


So wouldn’t you just love to know her thoughts on the book and movie, "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

“It proves the point the point I have been making all of these years,” said Dr. Ruth in our interview. “Women do get aroused by sexually explicit material and readings. In that book “Fifty Shades of Grey,” there are some passages that you will not like, turn the page. It’s not required reading.”

Watch the full interview with Dr Ruth above.

[youtube V_rjS-yO-e4]