Seth Rogen, Chris Evans and others shocked 'Home Alone' gangster movie is a fake film

Seth Rogen and other celebrities were shocked to learn the gangster movie that was shown in the film “Home Alone” was fake.

“My entire childhood, I thought the old -timey movie that Kevin [McCallister] watches in ‘Home Alone’ [‘Angels with Filthy Souls’] was actually an old movie," Rogen tweeted Christmas Day.

“Captain America” star Chris Evans replied, “It’s not????” while comedian Nick Kroll was also surprised to learn the fact.

“It isn’t? [Dead serious],” Kroll tweeted.

Rogen replied that he was sorry to the fellow celebrities that their childhood was also ruined.

“Sorry dude,” Rogen replied to Evans. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

“Yeah man,” Rogen told Kroll. “You deserved to find out in a better way than this.”

Rogen was referring to the black and white gangster film McCallister, played by a young Macaulay Culkin, watches while he’s accidentally left home alone. He jokes that he’s watching “rubbish” as he covers his eyes during a shooting in the “film.”


In the sequel, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” McCallister watches the gangster film’s “sequel,” “Angels with Even Filthier Souls.” The films were inspired by the James Cagney classic “Angels with Dirty Faces,” Vanity Fair reported.