'Seinfeld's' Soup Nazi to work with the real Soup Man

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It's real and it's spectacular!

Hulu has brought Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment to life for a five-day pop-up museum in New York City.

The free exhibit features the iconic Upper West Side apartment-- though it's been recreated in downtown Manhattan-- and a variety of memorabilia from the show including the Festivus pole, Maestro’s Wand and a booth from Monk’s restaurant.

FOX411 caught up with Larry Thomas who memorably played the Soup Nazi and he spoke to us about why he believes "Seinfeld" is still popular today. The show went off the air in 1998 after 9 seasons on NBC.

"It's a great phenomenon and then in some ways it's easily explainable," Thomas told FOX411 in front of a wall of signatures from the show's cast and crew. "As far as the perfection of the way they crafted it...it's still relateable to this day. "A whole new generation is watching it and enjoying it and it has nothing to do with their technology or the time. It has to do with the way those characters treated each other and the world."

Thomas' Soup Nazi character appeared in season seven and is known for his catchphrase, "No soup for you!" Based on real-life chef, Ali "Al" Yeganeh, the Soup Nazi character wouldn't serve anyone who didn't order correctly.

Thomas, dressed in his Soup Nazi costume, said he was surprised by how well fans of "Seinfeld" have responded to his character.

"I really just felt lucky enough to be doing a guest spot on my favorite show at the time and I just had no idea that people were going to one day love this impatient, mean restaurateur."

The New York City native was nominated for an Emmy for his "Seinfeld" role and said fans can soon expect more from the Soup Nazi.

"[Chef Yeganeh] actually does laugh at the show. [He] doesn't like being called that...I'm actually going to be working with his company, The Original Soup Man," Thomas teased.

The exhibit lets visitors walk through Jerry's apartment, peek through Kramer's door and pose for a picture inspired by Kramer's photo shoot of George in infamous episode "The Package."

Fans can catch all the episodes of "Seinfeld" streaming on Hulu now.