Scott Eastwood films close encounter with killer whales during Mexico vacation

Scott Eastwood got dangerously close to killer whales during his vacation in Mexico.

Clint Eastwood’s 32-year-old son shared a video on Instagram Wednesday of his close encounter with the orcas while he and a friend were paddling on a board in the ocean.

“Stopped at some random beach along the coast of Baja to get a beer, and while eating lunch saw a group of Orcas out in the bay,” Eastwood wrote in the video’s caption. “We grabbed the paddle boards yelling at each other to paddle faster thinking we lost them until @parkstrailtale started making orca noises and slapping the water with his paddle. They turned around and came in to check us out!! Dory was right. We do speak [whale].”


The video shows at least two killer whales swimming around them.

“They’re biting our fins,” Eastwood’s friend is heard saying.

The orcas swam away without harming the duo.

Some fans noted the beauty of the animals, while others warned about the dangers of getting to close to them.

“This is so incredible and deathly scary all at the same time,” one fan commented.

The actor later reassured fans he and his friend were unharmed in the encounter on his Instagram story.

“Post swimming with apex predators Coors Light. Good to be alive still,” Eastwood wrote along with a photo of himself enjoying a beer.