'Scandal' recap: Episode’s final twist promises explosive finale

It wouldn’t be ‘Scandal’ without a few devastating plot twists and last night’s episode was no exception. Following the revelation that there is a missing bomb somewhere in Washington D.C., Fitz is put on White House arrest while the gladiators, Rowan Pope, and Jake Ballard are forced to work together to find it. This change up leads to some of the biggest revelations to date.

Cooped up in the White House and separated from Andrew, Mellie’s secrets are beginning to take their toll. The Langston camp discovers that the first lady is attempting to have a paternity test taken, which Olivia quickly gets word of and shuts down. It leads to a big confrontation between the two women and Mellie letting it slip that Little Jerry’s real father just might be his grandfather. A shocked Liv promises to get her the truth.

Perhaps more surprising were the Pope parents proving just how ruthless they can be. Rowan has Dominic Bell, his ex-wife’s lover and partner in crime, kidnapped in an attempt to get info on the bomb in question. Once he determined Bell didn’t have the knowledge he was looking for, he gave Maya a call while engaging in a game of Russian Roulette. Maya’s reaction to hearing the love of her life was being held at gun point?

“It must kill you to keep hoping, thinking that if I cared about him, maybe at some point I cared about you. Goodbye Dominic.” She states, practically yawning, before hanging up the phone.

Much to Olivia’s horror, Rowan does pull the trigger, killing Dominic in cold blood inside the Pope Associates offices. This leads to Charlie, Huck and Quinn arguing about the proper way to dispose of a body. Tired of the bickering, Quinn takes it upon herself to get rid of the evidence, leaving both men in the dust.

Olivia is disheartened by her mother’s actions, sure that it means the woman isn’t capable of loving anyone. To make matters worse, Fitz, fearing his campaign is losing momentum,  goes against her wishes and hops on a plane to Ohio. Knowing her mother has all of the campaign information at her fingertips, she’s sure this opportunity will be used to take out the president. Rowan assures Olivia there is one person that Maya loves.

“Your mother won’t kill the president if it means killing you,” he explains.

Quinn’s return after disposing of the body leads to what might just be the most twisted hook up all time. Huck stands before her in the parking garage leading to her ask him what he wants, once and for all. The two engage in some violent face grabbing, slapping and kissing before literally tearing each other’s clothing off and going at it on the hood of a car. They’re so busy, getting busy, they don’t notice Maya Pope walk right past them.

Mama Pope enters Pope and Associates and gives Rowan one request: “Bring my baby home.”

Fitz, Mellie, Olivia and Cyrus sit on a stage in a high school in Ohio, the tension high. Fitz tempts to flirt with Liv and Mellie speaks for all of us when she says “If we’re going to die, can we do it now so I don’t have to listen to you two?”

Just after the president begins to speak, Olivia receives a call from her father, telling her to evacuate the building. Everyone makes it out alive but if you think that means a happy ending, you aren’t watching the right show.

When Olivia returns to Pope and Associates she finds her father bleeding out on the floor of her office, gasping for air.

Meanwhile Harrison, who finds Maya’s lair as well as what he believes are plans for the bomb, is greeted by none other than Adnan Saliff. Adnan confesses Ohio was nothing more than a ruse.

Elsewhere in D.C., Jake forces David Rosen to use his pull to track down Maya and they make a shocking discovery. Mama Pope had orchestrated the death of a senator in an effort to get Fitz to attend his funeral.

Jake makes a call to Cyrus, informing him of Maya’s plan. Rather than alert the FBI, Cyrus decides to keep quiet, knowing if Sally bites the big one, the election will be theirs for the taking. Just down the hall Mellie begins to tear open an envelope that promises to reveal the truth behind her son’s paternity.

Sally, Leo Bergen and Andrew Nicholls each enter the church, oblivious to the danger awaiting them. In the episode's final scene, Maya activates the bomb, scheduling it to go off in just under sixty minutes.

‘Scandal’ airs Thursdays on ABC.