‘Scandal’ finale recap: Murder, betrayal and a shocking twist

Only “Scandal” can blow up a church in the first five minutes and make it seem like a minor plot point by the episodes end. Sally and Andrew both manage to get out before the explosion, the former of whom, manages to use the event as a PR stunt. Knowing this will likely cost him the election, Fitz throws in the towel. He makes more promises to Olivia about Vermont and announces his plan to get a divorce once he loses. Just when it looks like there might be a glimmer of hope for them, Liv drops a different kind of bomb, telling him she believes his father raped Mellie.

Fitz comforts Mellie, who confesses Olivia told the truth. Last week’s paternity cliffhanger is then resolved when she informs him a DNA test confirmed that Fitz is the father of their son. The door closes on Fitz and Olivia once again, but she takes it stride, telling him she wouldn’t want to be with someone who would leave their wife after learning what he knows.

They weren’t the only relationship that ended before it began. Quinn and Huck spend most of the episode hooking up on just about any flat surface they can find, but it doesn’t last. A jealous Charlie has tracked down the family Huck had before being held captive by B613 and gives their location to Quinn. When Quinn takes Huck to their home, he’s furious with her, sure his family is better off without him. She insists she’s doing it because she loves him but he tells her to never speak to him again. By episode's end, he builds up the courage to knock on the door but we’ll have to wait until next season to see the family reunion.

Liv goes to check on her father, who’s made a remarkable recovery after last weeks stabbing, and finds her mother waiting for her. Maya insists that everything she’s done has been in Olivia’s best interest, telling her that Fitz was only going to hurt her.

Meanwhile Fitz, Mellie, Little Jerry and Karen stand before a crowd as Fitz begins to make his final speech before the election. He hardly gets a word in before Jerry begins coughing up blood and collapses on stage. They’re able to get him to a hospital, but its too late, Jerry Grant is dead. The cause? A rare strain of meningitis that was stolen from a government lab the week before.

Fitz is sure that Maya is behind it and Rowan agrees. He knows Fitz wants vengeance, not justice and promises the president he will kill his ex-wife. When Fitz expresses surprise at his eagerness to help, Rowan replies, “I may not like you, but I know what I’d do if someone hurt my child.”

The guilt felt after learning her mother was behind Jerry’s murder leads to the episode’s biggest shocker. Olivia Pope quits. She asks her father if the private jet that he’d set up to take her out of D.C. and into a whole new life way back in the season premiere was still an option for her. Jake questions the choice at first but then, realizing this could be his out, begs Olivia to take him with her. Only Abby fights her on the decision, reminding Liv that her father is still a monster and not to be trusted. It’s no use, Liv boards the plane with Jake and they fly off into the sunset.

Rowan tracks down Harrison, informing him that Adnan Saliff has been murdered. Using intel from Harrison he captures Maya before she leaves the country. Rowan gives the president a call to let him know that she’s officially been disposed of just as its confirmed that Fitz has won the election. As reward, B613 is reinstated with Rowan serving as command.

After learning Olivia left town, Harrison notes that things have worked out a little too well for Rowan and confronts him. He explains that he gave his daughter exactly what she wanted. Fitz was made president and he kept his promise not to harm him. As for Jerry? “He took my child, so I took his,” Papa Pope explains. Maya? Very much alive and being kept in the B613 hole. Before Harrison can move, he’s met by one of B613’s henchmen, who raises a gun to his head.

In the end, everyone got what they thought they wanted all season. Huck found his family. Mellie kept her husband. Fitz was elected president. Oliva and Jake finally escaped. Still, this was far from a happy ending.

Were Maya and Rowan working together all along? How soon before Olivia puts it all together and returns to Washington, D.C.? Is there any hope left for Liv and Fitz? Tune in next season to find out.