Sara Sampaio Goes Nude for Maxim, Kelly Clarkson Shares Pic of Newborn Son, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• Over the weekend, Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio revealed that she was photographed nude for the cover of Maxim magazine's May issue (above), presumably after the editors at Maxim took turns trying to sink Sampaio into a carnival dunk tank.

• Speaking of Sampaio, she's been in the modeling business for way, way longer than we would've guessed. Watch the clip below to find out when she first started her career (or at the Angel Ball), then feel extra ashamed of how you didn't settle into a stable career until your late 20s:

• Beyonce released her new album "Lemonade" over the weekend, and fans have already noticed that a lot of the lyrics seem to suggest that Jay Z may have cheated on her. Then again, this is the same Beyonce who claims to be an expert at riding a "surfbort" in a bathtub, so maybe we shouldn't take all her lyrics at face value.

• The other day on Instagram, singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson shared the first photos of "Remy" Blackstock, who — despite what you're thinking — is actually the name of Clarkson's newborn son, and not the name of the bourbon whiskey you used to drink back in your hard-partying days. See below:

• According to a new biography of Sir Paul McCartney, one of his first girlfriend's mothers would comb the hair on his legs in order to help him relax. Meanwhile, your mother-in-law can barely stand being in the same room with you.

• Over the weekend, former "SNL" cast-member Tim Kazurinsky shared a video of Prince's amazing (and impromptu) performance at the party following last year's "SNL 40" television special (below). Also: If this is what every "SNL" afterparty is like, it's no wonder the entire cast rushes through the last few horrible sketches of any given episode:

• And finally, rapper and actor 50 Cent has revealed he has a third son named Davian, whom he met for the first time earlier this month. But despite the news, many of Fiddy's fans seem to think this is all just a joke for the benefit of his social media followers. In related news, we're not sure we get "jokes" anymore.