Salma Hayek will never forget her “massage from hell.”

During a recent appearance on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, the 50-year-old actress recalled a frightening encounter in Austria when she decided to enjoy a little pampering. However, Hayek didn’t know clothing was optional for her masseur.

“I was desperate because I have some back problems and they said, ‘We only have a man,’” she explained. “I prefer to have a girl, but I was desperate. I said, ‘OK, bring him.’”

Hayek added she convinced herself the man would be gay, making her feel at ease with the massage, which went down in her hotel room.

However, things quickly got awkward.

“I see the hairy legs and I go, ‘Wait a minute.’ He was not wearing shorts!” she said. “I was like, ‘No, no, no, you gotta put it back on. This is not cool!’”

Hayek insisted she couldn’t “just run” because she was only in her underwear.

“I was terrified!” she told Handler. “If you get up, you’re completely exposed. Let me tell you, when you and I run, it’s very visual. Some other girls can run. You and I, there’s a lot going on.”

Hayek also revealed the masseur told her some of his clients like it when he massages them naked.

“Wrong client,” she recalled telling him. “Then, I sent him to my friend!”