Ryan Guzman Spices 'Step-Up: Revolution'

Mexican-American actor Ryan Gúzman is shaking what his momma gave him in the upcoming dance flick “Step-Up: Revolution.”

The flash-mobbing- film hits theaters across the country on Friday.

In “Step Up: Revolution,” Emily (Kathryn McCormick) goes to Miami chasing her professional dancing dream. Things get interesting when Emily meets Sean (Ryan Gúzman) the head of a dance crew, a vocal critic of Emily's dad who is trying to redevelop Sean’s neighborhood.

My parents were born and raised in Mexico, so I had to make sure there was some Latin flavor in there. Whether they liked it or not, I was gonna play my character as Latin.

— Ryan Gúzman

The model-turned-actor told Fox News Latino that his heritage influenced his role in the film.

“My parents were born and raised in Mexico, so I had to make sure there was some Latin flavor in there," said Gúzman. "Whether they liked it or not, I was going to play my character as Latin.”

He said Miami’s vibrant Latino community also impacts his character, and the film.

“Miami has its own Latin flavor that’s very open and alive, so you have to match that kind of atmosphere with your character,” Gúzman said.

The lead role came as a shock for the young actor who heard about auditions for the film through a friend. He said he originally asked his manager’s opinion about trying out for a small part in the film.

“He called me an hour later telling me that I was trying out for the lead role,” said Gúzman. “So ten auditions later, [and] a month and a half, I got the role. It’s been a roller coaster ever since then.”

Landing the lead in a franchise with the popularity of "Step-Up" as a first acting role is no small feat, but the challenge did not stop there for the fresh-face Latino heartthrob.

Previous “Step-Up” leads had professional or semi-professional dancing experience, but Gúzman did not. With only three weeks of training, hard-work and determination, he proved to them that casting him was the right decision.

“Initially they wanted to dance double me, but I’m very avid about making this movie as authentic as I possibly can,” Gúzman said. “So without telling anyone, I just tried to pick up the choreography and let my dancing speak for itself.”

"After, I showcased the combos they taught me to the producer and the director," he continued. "They decided themselves that I could do all the dancing by myself and my own stunts. It was a fun process. Hard, but fun.”

The actor gave FNL a sneak-peek on how "Step-Up: Revolution" differs from other “Step-Up” flicks.

“There’s no battling at all this time," said Gúzman. "We’re bringing back that story line you loved in 'Step-Up' one. [But] we’re getting you invested in the characters from the start and giving you a reason as to why we’re dancing.”

Gúzman guarantees all the acting in the film will not take away from the dancing the franchise is known for.

“We’re doing flash mobs in this one, and with that I think it opens the door to showcasing the dancing a lot more," he said adding that the cast is "jumping off of cars and buildings" and "doing crazy stunts and crazy dancing.”

With all these new styles, the actor could not forget to mention the emphasis on Latin dancing.

“We’re introducing the world to a more contemporary dance, salsa,” Gúzman said. “The choreography is amazing.”