Roseanne Barr quits Twitter over 'anti-Semitism,' but stays after users 'convinced' her

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Roseanne Barr called it quits with Twitter Saturday morning over “anti-Semitism,” but her resolve didn’t last long, as ardent fans “convinced” her to “stay (with) them.”

The “Roseanne” sitcom star decided to leave “all social media,” aside from Instagram, over concerns that they provide a platform for “ant-Semitism.”

She said the decision to leave was made “in good conscience.”

But Twitter users were quick to react, begging Barr to keep her voice from being silenced.

Only a couple of hours passed before Barr said she was staying on Twitter.

Since the return of her ABC sitcom, Barr has received both intense praise, and strident criticism, because her iconic TV character has become a working-class Trump supporter.

Despite the strong reactions -- or perhaps as a product of them --  "Roseanne" attracted a staggering 27.3 million viewers for its return on March 27.

Fox News' Morgan M. Evans contributed to this report.