Ronda Rousey breaks impudent MMA TV host's ribs

Don't tell Ronda Rousey that she can't fight a man, or you will get hurt.

MMA Prime personality Aaron Tru, a white belt himself, told Rousey she wasn't strong enough to "compete with a man" and dared her to throw him.

"You know how to push my buttons," she said before slamming him to the floor.

Laying motionless and moaning, Tru said: “I felt my ribs break.”

“Is this a genuine reaction?” Rousey asked. “I’m sorry.”

Tru said the stunt left him with “four busted ribs” and another injury to another part of his body we won't mention.

Of course hurting people is nothing new for Rousey, who defeated Cat Zingano in 14 seconds on March 1 to defend her UFC title.

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