Robert Pattinson has car sex with Julianne Moore in new movie

Who’s better at car sex, Julianne Moore or Juliette Binoche?

“They’re both sevens,” Robert Pattinson said at a press conference for his new film “Maps to the Stars” on Monday at the Cannes Film Festival. “Obviously Julianne” he then laughed, as he was sitting right beside her. “It was a wonderful experience. Extremely sweaty.”

In David Cronenberg’s dark comedy about the perils of fame, Pattinson’s limo driver has sex with Moore’s fading actress.

Pattinson and Binoche also did the nasty in Cronenberg’s last movie to come to Cannes, “Cosmopolis.”

In fact, Cronenberg’s film that was all about having sex in cars, “Crash,” won the Special Jury prize in Cannes in 1996.

So what’s up with all the car sex?

“'Crash' was suppressed by Ted Turner, because he was in control of the distribution of it, because he said if people saw that movie, they would probably have sex in cars. And I said, you know there’s an entire generation of Americans who have been spawned in the back seat of a 1954 Ford,” Cronenberg said. “So it’s not like I invented sex in cars.”

Cronenberg brought even more American history into the mix.

“You have to remember that part of the sexual revolution came about because of the automobile, because of the fact that young people could get away from their parents without being supervised,” he said. “So I don’t think I’m breaking any new territory.”

“Why wouldn’t you?” he added. “There are such great cars around now.”