Robert De Niro: ‘People should see’ anti-vaccine film

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Robert De Niro insists he is not against vaccines. Still, he said he is concerned about the safety of vaccines.

The actor was passionate when spoke on the “Today” show on Wednesday about the film “Vaxxer,” which was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. Willie Geist pointed out that an overwhelming amount of scientific research has found no link between vaccines and autism, and he asked De Niro if he disagrees with that conclusion.

“I believe it’s much more complicated than that,” the actor said boldly. “There is a link and they are saying there isn’t and there are…. other things there. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist but I know because I’ve seen so much reaction of just ‘let’s find out the truth.’”

De Niro, who co-founded Tribeca, said there was “no reason” for the film to be pulled from the festival and he thinks people should watch it.

"I think the movie is something that people should see,” he said. “I, as a parent with a child who has autism, am concerned. I want to know the truth, and I'm not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines."

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    The actor recently revealed his 18-year-old son is autistic. He said many people blame vaccines for autism.

    “There are many people who will come out and say, ‘No, I saw my kid change overnight’… My wife says that. I don’t remember, but my child is autistic, and every kid is different.”

    De Niro repeated several times that he is not anti-vaccine.

    "There's something there that people aren't addressing,” he said of vaccines. “And for me to get so upset here today, on the ‘Today’ show, with you guys, means that there's something there.”