Ricky Schroder's daughters Cambrie and Faith discuss filming 'Growing up Supermodel'

Ricky Schroder charmed his way to Hollywood fame as spoiled rich kid Ricky Stratton in the hit ‘80s sitcom “Silver Spoons,” and now the former child star’s two daughters are getting ready for their close-ups.


Cambrie and Faith Schroder are the latest siblings to kick off modeling careers — except they’re having cameras follow them wherever they go. The 20-year-old and 16-year-old are starring on Lifetime’s new reality TV series “Growing up Supermodel” where they attempt to make their own mark.

Fox News spoke with the Schroder sisters about being discovered on social media and filming a show while their parents were getting divorced after 24 years of marriage:

Fox News: What inspired the two of you to pursue modeling?
Cambrie Schroder: We grew up on a beach in Topanga Canyon, so we were always around really beautiful locations. We just started taking beautiful pictures and it was just something that we liked. It’s hard not to take pictures when you’re surrounded by a beautiful environment. So I think that’s what started it for us, taking these pictures of the beach, our ranch, and our animals. And from there, companies wanted to send us products to take pictures and pose. Then agents found us on social media.

Faith Schroder: And I think Instagram started modeling careers for a lot of young girls. I always see girls my age posing in photos and I always looked up to them. And my sister, too. She taught me a lot and really inspired me. But Instagram definitely helped.

Fox News: How did your parents feel about you two participating in a reality TV series?
Cambrie: My dad was a little apprehensive. He grew up in the business, so he understood how hard it can be on your life and how hard of a career it is. So he was a little apprehensive. He struggled as a teenager to have adults see him in a different light. So his biggest goal was to have us stay humble and grounded. That’s why we grew up on a ranch. But I think he knows we were raised well enough for us to be strong and hardworking… he wants to support what we’re doing, but he also wants to make sure that we stay grounded.

Fox News: What advice has your father given the both of you on surviving Hollywood?
Cambrie: He always taught us to go to work prepared, to work hard, and to treat everybody equally with respect… and to understand this is your career, but there’s your personal life and your family — don’t let those get intertwined too much. Do not depend on your career for personal fulfillment.

Fox News: Are you two ever worried about facing any temptations in Hollywood?
Cambrie: Honestly? No. We grew up around it our whole lives so it’s not anything new. And we understand that fame is very fleeting and there’s no actual deep fulfillment in a lot of the entertainment world. And our friends are in that world. So we’re surrounded by it. We understand it… but personally, no.

Fox News: How has it been having cameras follow the both of you around?
Cambrie: It was very unnatural at first. For a few weeks, it felt weird. But then you become comfortable with it. But at first, it was definitely weird. And it’s not so much the cameras. It was more the people behind the cameras and having them involved in your day-to-day life. You have no relationship with them, you don’t know them, and yet they’re there.

So that was weird, having a crew of people you don’t know around. It’s not the cameras that were intimidating… It was a little stressful at times because we were just living our lives and it caught us in moments that were pretty raw and real. I wasn’t sure how we were going to deal with it.

Fox News: In the show, viewers will see how your parents are going through a divorce. How did that impact the two of you while filming?
Faith: Having the cameras around while my parents were going through the divorce was really, really stressful at times. Also, it showed our parents getting dinner together and that’s when I get the most stressed out… because I see there’s nothing I can really do to help [the situation]. So it definitely added a layer of pressure of filming the show while my parents were going through the divorce.

Fox News: How are your parents today?
Faith: The peak of that stress and drama has kind of subsided and they’re getting along. They’re good friends. They see each other often. They text all the time. They have a really good relationship, which is helpful for the kids. We’re still a family, but the dynamic has changed. So I feel a lot better because it was really super stressful not knowing what was going to happen to our family or what the dynamic was going to be. I think where we are now is much healthier. Everyone is in a happier place.

Fox News: Some critics may say kids with celebrity parents don’t have to necessarily work to be successful because they already have the name. How do you respond to that?
Cambrie: But it’s because you have the name that everyone’s expecting you not to be successful because they think you have it easy and that it comes so naturally. It makes it that much harder to prove yourself. I mean, yeah, it can help.

Our dad has helped us get our first job because he has such a good reputation in the industry. So he’s been able to help open a lot of doors for us. He can open the doors, but he can’t push us through them. We have to work hard. We have to show up. And the only way we’ll ever get hired is if we prove ourselves. No one is going to hire you because of your name.

Faith: There’s just so many other models in the world that just having a famous last name isn’t going to do much for you if you have a bad attitude, if you’re not nice with everyone, if you’re not humble — no one is going to hire you. So we have to show up and prove ourselves… We have to make people want to work with us.

Fox News: What do you think of the Hadid sisters?
Cambrie: I mean, they’re gorgeous. I look up to both of them. And they’re from Malibu, too. So we grew up around them.

Faith: And our brother actually dated Gigi!

"Growing up Supermodel" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.