Ricky Martin Confesses In Autobiography Only Loving One Man and One Woman

While having and interview on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" which aired yesterday, Ricky Martin talks about confessing in his new autobiography "Me", how he's always felt attracted to men but due to fears and being told that homosexuality is wrong, he hid his true self.

Despite having multiple encounters and relationships in his life, the Puerto Rican singer also wrote how he has only loved one man and one woman his entire life.

In his book, the superstar mentions those who have crossed his path and discusses how his mother, grandmother, and twins Matteo and Valentino, which were conceived via a surrogate mother and are being raised by Ricky as a single father, are some of the most dear to him.

Martin joined singer and songwriter Joss Stone on stage for a live performance of his single "The Best Thing About Me".

Based on reporting by the Associated Press 

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