Report: Kris Jenner lying about not being contacted for Jenner interview

Is Kris Jenner lying?

During Bruce Jenner’s interview, Diane Sawyer said that all three of Jenner’s ex-wives were asked to comment about his transition. His first two wives gave warm supporting statements but that Kris Jenner had a terse “no comment.”

When blogger Perez Hilton raised this issue the reality matriarch angrily denied it stating that “no one asked me to comment.”

But network sources told that Kris Jenner was contacted several times for a comment and had even been asked for an interview.

“Do you think ABC News would just forget to contact Kris for a comment,” an insider said.

“A dozen producers worked on the special and they ALL just forgot!!! – no way. Plus, ABC’s legal team would have demanded Kris be contacted for her reaction. Kris isn’t telling the truth.”

After the special aired, the 59-year-old voiced her support for her ex.
"Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero," she tweeted.

Jenner’s other wives released statements that were read by Sawyer during the special.

“Someone who has lived 65 years of his life as the wrong gender has every right to live the last quarter of his life as his authentic self,” Jenner’s first wife, Chrystie Scott, told ABC. “I support him and so hope the world can too. I pray for his happiness for the rest of his journey.”

Linda Thompson, Jenner’s second wife, told ABC she too was supportive. “I support his courage and commitment to this new chapter of his life,” Thompson said in a statement. “My hope is that his transition will inspire others who struggle with their identities, and my prayer is that humanity has evolved and been educated enough to exercise kindness toward those we may perceive as ‘different.’”