Reese Witherspoon cancels 'Mud' interviews following embarrassing arrest

Reese Witherspoon has canceled interviews including talks with “Good Morning America” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in the wake of her shocking arrest with her husband, The Post reports.

The “Mud” star was meant to appear at the ABC show at 10 a.m. yesterday for an interview to air tomorrow, and to swing by Fallon’s show tonight. But sources said she bailed after news Sunday she’d been booked on disorderly conduct charges in Atlanta for allegedly telling a cop, “Do you know my name?” as he arrested her agent hubby, Jim Toth, on a DUI charge.

A court date in Atlanta yesterday for the pair was rescheduled until May 22. Co-star Matthew McConaughey went ahead with planned interviews yesterday on “GMA,” “The View” and “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Sunday night, Witherspoon showed up at a Cinema Society premiere of her movie “Mud” at MoMA hours after news of the arrests broke. “Her team was grappling all day,” said a source, “as to whether she should show up.”

Witherspoon walked the red carpet but did not speak to reporters, while Toth “sneaked into a side entrance,” a spy said. Like a true Hollywood agent, Toth was seen “smiling and talking up the film” to guests, despite Friday’s run-in with the law.

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Witherspoon released a statement Sunday saying, “I clearly had one drink too many, and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said.”

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