With every passing day, the Tiger Woods cheating saga seems to deepen. And everyone in Hollywood -- from reality stars to celebrity girlfriends -- seems to have an opinion on how the public should treat the 33-year-old golfer.

According to singer, reality star and co-star of Kim Kardashian sex-tape, Ray J, the public should just leave Tiger alone.

“Let Tiger Woods be a man. Sometimes you're a man and you have a bad night. Let that man be a man,” Ray J. told Tarts in defense of the controversial athlete at the Famous Stars & Straps Party in conjunction with the release of Snoop’s new album “Malice in Wonderland” in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

“He should absolutely (be able to keep endorsement deals). He didn’t do anything wrong on the golf field, is that how you say it? I don't golf.”

(We think you mean course, Ray J.)

Meanwhile Diddy’s baby-mama Kim Porter thinks that the least Woods could have done was cheat with women of his own caliber.

“My advice to Tiger is if you’re going to choose to step outside the door of marriage, make sure the women that you are fooling around with have as much to lose as you do,” Porter said. “This is time (for wife Elin) to call on good girlfriends and family for support, but ultimately the decision of what to do is totally hers. There’s nothing you could even say, she has to make that decision on her own. I think it’s just all one big mess and people shouldn’t get married if they’re going to cheat.”

And former MTV VJ and fiancé of NBA star Carmelo Anthony, La La Vasquez, had two words of wisdom for Woods: “stay home.”

So does she think that with all enticements that come with fame and fortune, athletes are more inclined to stray?

“I think its individual, but I think its men! There is so much access, so you either have to resist the temptation or you fall for it. It's life. I don't think it's just athletes,” she responded.

As for “So You Think You Can Dance” star Shane Sparks, well, he thinks the many alleged mistresses should be taking more heat.

“It takes two, so I think pointing fingers should go both ways. It takes two, and he's the one that's married, and he's the one with the lifestyle, but they still could say no, out of respect for his wife and his life, they could have said no,” Sparks said. “But it's up to him and he needs to come home. Everybody, celebrities, come home! Do your job and come home! I don't condone what he did, because he is married and he had this image of him where he was supported by Hollywood, and when you portray that image you have to live up to it and he failed. I wish him the best of luck in getting it back together and hopefully they can tie it back together because everyone makes mistakes and it seems like they had a good thing. Every time I saw them, it seemed like they had a good thing, and he just made a mistake, well, a few mistakes. So Tiger, get it together man, keep it real man and do what you do and put your talent first and all that other stuff last because it will tear you down like it's doing right now.”