QA: Carnie Wilson Says Her Weight Is Back Up, Sees Herself in Her Daughter

The first episode of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ airs on January 3. Tracey Gold (‘Growing Pains’) and Carnie Wilson are two of the wives trade lives. Wilson, 43, is best known as one third of the singing trio Wilson Phillips, who in their heyday had three No. 1 hit singles and sold 10 million copies of their debut album.

The mother of two also became famous for her very public battle with weight which culminated with a gastric bypass operation in 1999 that was broadcast on the Internet. She lost 150 pounds but admits that her battle is far from over.

Since last year’s hilarious appearance in ‘Bridesmaids,’ the band’s career has been on an upswing. A reality show called ‘Still Holding On,’ will air in April, and concert dates and a new album in the works.

FOX411: Were you nervous about doing 'Wife Swap'?

Carnie Wilson: Yeah I was actually. I was nervous for my children. Sometimes reality T.V. can be stressful. I didn’t want them to be exposed to any pressure or Hollywood weirdness. [My husband] Rob and I were a bit apprehensive. We knew it was going to get personal. We were going to be compared to their parenting styles, the marriage, the lifestyle, whatever. We knew we were going to feel a little bit vulnerable. We were willing to take the risk because something cathartic always happens, there’s always good lessons learned and you know it keeps me on T.V. and pays the bills.

FOX411: What did you learn?

Wilson: I could not believe how well behaved Tracey’s four boys are especially when they’re asked to do something.

FOX411: Did it make you realize your kids don’t do that?

Wilson: Oh yeah. I was like, ‘Oh s**t.’ We have loose rules. For me it’s like, ‘God, why do I have to ask you to do something four times?’ I know they’re not deaf, that they hear me. When Roby [Tracey Gold’s husband] asked his kids to do something they were like f**king trained seals.

Also it made me realize the most precious thing between Rob and I is that we have to stay strong and get stronger in terms of the way we honor each other. I realized that I have to slow down. I work so hard, I’m so busy. I realized that I don’t have enough time with Rob and when I saw the way Tracey and Roby are together, they keep that going so well.

FOX411: How is your weight these days?

Wilson: I’ve had so much stress in the last year so it’s really struggle. I never hide, when I walk down the street, someone’s going to take my picture, that’s what I look like. It’s usually a sh**ty picture. I’m definitely up in weight. I’m looking forward to getting an exercise routine again. It’s like a daily decision. Am I going to eat healthy today or am I going to make some sh**ty decisions?

I always think I am one of the the millions and millions of people that struggles with an addiction to food. I don’t know how to relax, that’s my problem. I can’t smoke a joint, I can’t have a glass of wine because I want 10 joints and 10 glasses of wine. That’s my obsessive compulsive and addictive behavior. I’ve really struggled since I’ve become sober. How do I balance that? How can I relax and not overeat? Because I have a lot of pressure in my life. I’m a working mother. I have a two year old and a six year old. You try to pay the bills, you try to keep your life going and there’s pressure. It’s kind of a funny time right now. Negativity has thrown a dark cloud over this whole country and I feel for everybody. I feel very blessed in my life but I also work my ass off. At the end of the day I don’t know how to unwind.

FOX411: Do you worry about how your eating issues impact your daughters?

Wilson: I find communication is the most important thing. Lola knows I struggle with it. I see Lola loving sugar like all the other children but I also see her pay a little more attention like when there’s a birthday party, I see her being the first in line to get the cake. I see me in her.

FOX411: Does that break your heart?

Wilson: No, I think she’s going to be alright as long as we’re in control of this. She is an active child. The trouble is in the last year I just fell off the wagon with my exercise routine. That was another thing I saw, Roby and Tracey would take the four boys out walking every day, that’s a great goal to have. I don’t know how many families do that, but s**t, that’s a wonderful and healthy thing to do. So I’m trying to get the kids to do that.

I tell her you can have ice cream or cake once in a while. You can have dessert, but you’ve got to give up a carb at a meal or you can’t snack on gummies, you’ve got to have some fruit.

FOX411: ‘Bridesmaids’ has completely revitalized your career.

Wilson: It’s just been unbelievably beautiful, so much fun and in such a great spirit. It’s been so wonderful and there’s not been a day that goes by where someone doesn’t talk to me about ‘Bridesmaids.’