'Property Brother' star Jonathan Scott loves working with brother, puts family first

For some people working with family is a big no-no, but for one-half of the hit HGTV show "Property Brothers" it's a blessing.

"[My brother] Drew and I are great because we have a no BS policy -- if you have a problem, get it out now," Jonathan Scott told FOX411. "It's not the same for everybody, but for us it's the best. We're the best of friends and the best of business partners."

Family is just as important to the brothers on-screen as it is off. Being in the public eye, they fight hard to not let their fame affect their family.

"I'm a very private person as is and our family is very close knit and we like to focus on what we do for people on our shows," Scott said. "But regardless of what you do, there are always trolls out there."

Scott recently found himself at the center of the media's attention when a video obtained by TMZ showed the reality star allegedly in a bar fight. No charges were ever filed.

"The press sometimes jumps onto something," Scott said of the incident. "For me, the funny thing is I was just trying to help somebody in that situation. I'm the type of person like on our shows, we're helping families."

He added, "The people who you see on screen, we're exactly the same in our private lives."

While the Scott brothers are used to doing everything together, one project Jonathan is working on separately is a partnership with furniture company Stearns & Foster to help his fans decorate the most overlooked room in the house.

"We have been doing our show for years and one thing I've always noticed is people put their bedroom on the backburner."

It should be the opposite since you "spend over a third of your life in the bedroom," Scott explained.

While Scott's "Redesign Your Retreat" campaign is a solo effort, he is looking forward to furthering his country music career with his brother.

Scott explained that it all started when he went back to his family ranch with his brother to renovate it. They then co-wrote and recorded a couple of country songs that charted to their surprise.

"It was hilarious, we didn't expect that at all. So we're going to do some more."