Playboy model Shanna Moakler, 43, still fits into her 1995 Miss USA bikini

At age 43, Shanna Moakler’s still got it.

The blonde bombshell shared her own variation of the viral “10-Year Challenge” on Instagram Tuesday, where she revealed side-by-side photos of her wearing the same tiny red bikini from the 1995 Miss USA contest.

“Ok ten year challenge, I’ll see your ten and raise you 14!” captioned the Playboy cover girl. “…. This is my actual swimsuit from #missusa I’m actually 35lbs heavier now and I think it’s all in my boobs! Don’t worry Im not trying to be 19 again I like where I’m at!”

Moakler credited plastic surgeon Leif Rogers for helping her reconstruct her stomach as part of her “mommy makeover.”


“I’m also almost at the 3 month mark from my #mommymakeover with @leifrogersmd again I’ll be doing a YouTube vid on it allllll but yes I am very happy with my results! My stomach muscles are actually where they are suppose to be!” she wrote. “I got the ok to go back to the gym which I started doing and I know it will just get better with time!”

This isn’t the first time Moakler has been candid about her famous figure.

In December 2018, the pinup shared on Instagram she was pleased with the new series of cosmetic procedures she underwent in October. She showed off her “mommy makeover,” which she said was to get her abdominal “muscles and scar revised” with a tummy tuck after having three C-sections.

Moakler also said she wanted to make her “bootie [sic] smaller.”

The former model has two children, Alabama, 13, and Landon, 15, with ex-husband, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, and one daughter, Atiana, 19, from a previous relationship with former boxer Oscar de la Hoya.

On Nov. 14, Moakler showed off her third week of recovery post-surgery, clad in a tank top and Spanx. She wrote, “The main thing I did, which I wanted to do forever, was having my tummy muscles fixed from my pregnancies!”

Moakler, who proudly flaunted her taut midsection, said she was overjoyed with her progress.

“I am already starting to see a difference,” she wrote on Instagram. “Still really swollen and some discoloration from bruising but all the lumps and weird pockets by my scar are gone and that makes me really happy, as that was what really bothered me, even though I hid it really well!”

Moakler left Rhode Island when she was 18 to pursue a modeling and acting career, according to the Providence Journal. In 1995, she took over the role of Miss USA when Miss Texas Chelsi Smith became Miss Universe. Then in 2001, at age 25, she posed nude for Playboy.

“It opened huge doors,” said Moakler about appearing in the men’s lifestyle magazine. “And no one can take a naked picture of me and try to use it against me.”

At the time, Moakler revealed she was eager to expand on her body of work.

“I’m not where I want to be yet,” she said at the time. “I feel like I took opportunities that were given to me to get where I needed to be, but it’s not necessarily what I wanted to give back to the world or how I want to inspire people.”

And as for living in the public eye, Moakler said it has become her normal over the years.

“I’ve had challenges in my life that have been very public, but I don’t think that’s any more difficult than someone who has a struggle in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business,” she said. “It’s just on a more publicized scale.”

Fox News' Jessica Sager contributed to this report.