Pamela Anderson's Christmas Video and Kristin McGee's Tips for a Tighter Tush

Here's what everybody's talking about at the water cooler:

As part of their continuing quest to bring us near-nude celebrities for Christmas, the English magazine LOVE has shared a lingerie video of Pamela Anderson (preview below) to serve as the December 12th entry in their risqué Advent calendar. There's nothing really "Christmassy" about it, though, unless lace underwear or ex-"Baywatch" starlets fill you with the holiday spirit:

Want a better backside? Sure you do. (We all do.) And since that's the case, why not watch the video above to learn three simple exercises for a firmer, tighter tush? Follow along with celebrity trainer Kristin McGee a get a better, more sculpted butt in no time.

On Wednesday, Katie Holmes arrived for a Valentino fashion event in NYC wearing a sleek black ensemble that showcased plenty of leg (below). It was a rare red-carpet appearance for Holmes, which leads us to believe she simply got lost on the way to the local grocery store.

Kate Middleton reportedly ordered a few pizzas to her NYC hotel room earlier this week, and according to a source for Us Weekly, the Duchess of Cambridge is not a fan of mushrooms or sliced tomatoes on her pies. Needless to say, both items have since been banished from the earth.

As documented on her Instagram account, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Gigi Hadid enlisted the help of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift to decorate her New York City apartment for the holidays (below). In related news, it apparently takes four people to hang a single string of Christmas lights.

According to Page Six, English actress Keira Knightley of "Anna Karenina," "The Duchess" and "King Arthur" is three months pregnant with her first child. As such, the producers of her next period piece had better make arrangements for some extra space in the midsection of whatever frilly medieval garb she's slated to wear.

'80s heartthrob Rick Springfield has reportedly joined the cast of HBO's "True Detective." And boy, won't it be a huge plot twist when he finds out the Bonnie-and-Clyde-type murderers he's searching for were his friends Jessie and Jessie's girl this whole time!

Hackers have recently leaked private emails from the Sony Pictures database which revealed Sony's plans to make a "Men in Black"/"21 Jump Street" crossover. Just imagine, we might someday see Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill go undercover to infiltrate and evil alien syndicate, probably while making childish "probe" jokes the whole time.

On Thursday night in Beverly Hills, Rihanna held her first annual Diamond Ball in support of her charitable Clara Lionel Foundation. The singer's event went a long way towards showcasing a different side of her, as opposed to just the naked one.

Judging by her recent Instagram activity, Rumer Willis has taken up aerial acrobatics (below). More specifically, she's taken up aerial silks for exercise and/or leisure, which appears to be one of the easiest ways to accidentally pull each and every one of your groin muscles in one fell swoop.

Forbes has estimated Dr. Dre to be the world's highest paid musician, despite most of his earnings ($620 million) stemming from the sale of his Beats headphone company rather than album sales or concert revenue. In equally misleading news, Ashton Kutcher (who once worked at the Cheerios factory) is the world's highest paid General Mills employee.

Adam Levine joked to E! News that he'd ideally like to have "like 17" kids, apparently because he's dead-set on ruining his Victoria's Secret Angel wife's body as quickly as possible.

And finally, Variety is reporting that Bill Murray will be singing in some sort of format-free televised Christmas special. Director Sofia Coppola didn't specify which tunes he'll be crooning, except to say they'd be "[her] song requests." So expect a lot of introspective art-rock songs in lieu of actual Christmas carols: