OWN Star: I'm Broke, Homeless and An Alcoholic Because of Oprah Winfrey

One of the stars of Oprah Winfrey’s struggling OWN Network is claiming that he is now homeless, broke and battling alcoholism -- and it’s all Winfrey’s fault.

Star Magazine, via RadarOnline.com, reports that Robert Dupount, who stars on OWN’s upcoming reality show “Beverly’s Full House,” is telling friends that the former talk show titan ruined his life by having her network film his interactions with former supermodel Beverly Johnson.

“Robert is homeless now and he blames the show," a source told Star. “He told me, ‘Producers were egging on the drama. It took a toll on my relationship with Beverly.’”

According to the source, things got so bad that Dupont had to move out of the house he was sharing with Johnson. Producers offered to pay his expenses through Jan. 1st, including putting him up at a Holiday Inn Express, but then they allegedly reneged on the offer and stuck Dupont with the bill.

The source claims that Dupont, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, relapsed on the final episode and is now calling Winfrey a "hypocrite" who "sold out to sell her network."

“Beverly’s Full House” is scheduled to air on the OWN Network in February.