'Outlander' Star Laura Donnelly Hints at More Romance and Danger in New Episodes

You might know Laura Donnelly from her turn in Broadway's "The River" alongside Hugh Jackman. But if you've a fan of STARZ's "Outlander," you know her as Jenny, the strong-willed sister of protagonist Jamie Fraser.

"I can tell you that Jenny is a very headstrong character … She's feisty, and she knows her own mind," explained Donnelly in a recent interview with FNM. "She and [brother] Jamie are quite similar personalities, especially when we first see her, they can really butt heads and clash like any brother and sister do."

For those not familiar with the show, Jenny and Jamie haven't seen each other in years before the events of "Outlander," which is based on the best-selling novels by Diana Gabaldon. There's are also elements of fantasy within the plot, as Jamie has just returned from battle along with a new ladyfriend who somehow traveled back in time from the future. (For more on that, watch our interview with "Outlander" stars )

"I think that things really pick up pace in the plot," added Donnelly of the episodes to come. "There's just more of everything. There's more romance, there's more danger."

Watch the entire interview above for clips and previews of "Outlander," then be sure to tune in for new episodes on Saturdays at 9PM ET.