Nina Agdal's Pantsless Instagram Post, Adam Sandler's New Netflix Movie, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's talking about:

• Tuesday night Instagram, Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal shared a photo of herself surfing the internet without any pants on (below). Interestingly enough, that's also how we tend to surf the web, but only because we don't want any sauce stains from the meatball sandwiches we're simultaneously eating. (We're thinking Agdal's meatball sandwich must be off to the side or something.)

• Netflix has debuted the first trailer for Adam Sandler's streaming-only film "The Ridiculous 6" (below), which features cameos from Harvey Keitel, Nick Nolte, John Turturro, and a few other still-respected actors who signed on despite seeing what "Jack and Jill" did for Al Pacino's reputation.

• After remarking just last year that he "want[s] to have a family, former Yankee infielder Derek Jeter has reportedly proposed to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis, his girlfriend of three years. That said, it's only a matter of time before the two start making beautiful, athletic babes, or maybe just one really nice-looking kid who keeps pulling down his pants all the time.

• Wait, you didn't think we were going to mention Hannah Davis' dangerously daring Sports Illustrated cover and then not show it to you, did you? (C'mon. We're better than that.) Watch our exclusive interview with Hannah (below) to see more, and also to hear Hannah's reasoning for brandishing her lower torso instead of her other flawless features:

• Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have filed for divorce after two years of marriage. The couple didn't cite any specific reason for their split, so we'll just have to assume they woke up one day, took a look at each other, and came to the realization that they should be spreading their good-looking genes far and wide, as opposed to keeping them all to themselves. It's kinda selfless, really.

• The other day on Instagram, lingerie model and Playboy pinup Gia Genevieve shared a photo of herself provocatively modeling a leather jacket, sunglasses, and absolutely nothing from the waist down (above). The look on her face, however, seems to indicate that the photographer merely captured the exact moment Gia realized she forgot to wear underwear to the shoot.

• As reported by People, Adele's new video for "Hello" has broken the record for most single-day views on YouTube with 27.7 million plays, crushing Taylor Swift's previous record of 20.1 million views for "Bad Blood." It's great news for Adele, but we imagine Swift is really kicking herself for watching "Hello" over 7.6 million times last Thursday.

• After releasing a sneak peek of Jared Leto in his Joker costume Empire Magazine has rolled out a sneak peek of Cara Delevingne as her "Suicide Squad" character of Enchantress (below), a DC superheroine/supervillain who just so happens to share Delevingne's penchant for getting here and there:

• "Our Brand Is Crisis" actress Sandra Bullock revealed that George Clooney once convinced a friend to date her by telling him, "If you don't marry her, I will." It was an empty threat, of course, which is probably why the couple eventually split up. What Clooney should've said was, "If you don't marry her, I will … star in a sequel to 'The Men Who Stare at Goats.'"

• And finally, "Birdman" actress Emma Stone and "Amazing Spider-Man" actor Andrew Garfield have ended their relationship after three years of dating. It's disappointing news for Stone's and Garfield's fans, but at least Stone is now free to pursue her one true love: the actual Garfield: