Nicole Curtis opens up about struggles during custody battle

Nicole Curtis, the host of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict,” first opened up about her messy custody battle over her 20-month-old son Harper in 2016.

Curtis, who split with Harper's father, Shane Maguire, shortly before discovering she was pregnant, lost her plea to halt her son's overnight stays at his father’s until he was 2-years-old in October, 2016. And now she's sharing what it's like sharing custody with her ex in a personal post on Instagram.


"Just like that, my little one jumps into my arm and reaches for a breast ---I sit for a long time in the car when we do these returns while getting screamed at -put your boob away in my driveway," Curtis wrote alongside a picture of herself with Harper. "Never a thought that this child just went from their arms screaming for mamma and the 'boob' ... Just counting my blessings that another extended visit is over."

She added the hashtags, "#breastfeeding #familylaw #fathersrightsvsbabysrights #infantmentalhealth."

Curtis wrote about her experiences in her recent book, “Better Than New,” to help people understand the pains of family legal battles.


She told People late last year, "I had no idea that this stuff went on in family courts and everything, so I am really trying to use a negative experience and really be an advocate for women who don’t have this."

Curtis' legal battle may have been very public, but her pregnancy was the exact opposite. The star hid her pregnancy and has opted to keep her youngest son off-camera.

She explained at the time, "Parenting the in the public eye is always difficult."