NBC's 'The Carmichael Show' to include uncensored N-word in prime time

“The Carmichael Show” is bringing the N-word to NBC, shocking even some of the show’s cast.

Star Loretta Devine couldn’t believe an upcoming episode — in which several characters drop the racial slur — would ever make it to air.

“I have just never heard the N-word used on TV before,” she told Fox News. “It is said by several people. I didn’t even know it was allowed on television. When I see it on the television, I will believe it.”

But the show’s creator, stand-up comic Jerrod Carmichael, believed the slur would — and should — air uncensored.

“(Calling it) the N-word is childish… say it!” he said. “We know what we’re [talking] about. We’re not speaking to children.”

A rep for NBC confirmed the word would be aired uncensored multiple times during the episode. No air date has been announced.

“The Carmichael Show” — a half hour sitcom loosely based on Carmichael’s life— earned critical acclaim in its second season by tackling subjects ranging from depression to porn addiction.

Carmichael admits there has already been some pushback from network censors about other upcoming episodes — including one dealing with date rape.

“The amount of times we said ‘rape’ was a concern,” he said. “Our count is like 21 or 22. They wanted to get it down.”

He said the pushback is due to concerns offending advertisers, adding, “Any billion dollar corporation would have concerns.”

Carmichael said he did not incorporate many euphemisms into the script because he did not want the episode to feel “dishonest.”

He insists the storyline and dialogue was approached “truthfully and with integrity.”

“The subject is nothing to joke about,” he said.

“The Carmichael Show” returns to NBC on May 31.