Morena Baccarin talks about her new love interest in 'Gotham' season 3

The second season of Fox’s hit show “Gotham” saw Morena Baccarin’s character leave the city with a broken heart. However, she returns in season three with a new love and a ring on her finger – but finds a city overcome by madness.

“It’s all the crazies and all the villains sort of taking over and a virus gets unleashed into the city that makes everybody act completely aggressive and insane,” Baccarin told Fox News Latino recently. “Whereas season two was the darkness coming out, season three is trying to regain order – the good guys fighting the bad guys.”

The Brazilian-born actress plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins, the medical practitioner for the Gotham City Police Department. Season three continues the emotional arc between her character and Jim Gordon (played by her real-life boyfriend Ben McKenzie) that ended in shambles and a lost baby at the end of last season.

“Lee and Jim had a rough go last season,” Baccarin said. “I think she was hoping that he would come find her but he doesn’t really fully make the attempt. We pick up right there where we left off and he’s coming to see her and he discovers she is with someone new.”

The “new” love is Mario Falcone – the son of mob boss Carmine Falcone – who is played by newcomer James Carpinello.

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“He has disassociated himself with that aspect of his father’s life but it’s very interesting to think of Dr. Thompkins with that family relation,” Baccarin said of her new on-screen love interest. “He’s a doctor – we like to call him ‘Dr. Handsome’ – he’s a really caring guy that was there for her when Jim sort of went AWOL.”

Baccarin teases that she is not the only one with a new love interest. Gordon also finds a new girlfriend named Valerie Vale, the aunt to the DC comic favorite Vicki Vale, played by “Once Upon A Time” alum Jaime Chung.

“It becomes really interesting further on in the season when these two women find themselves in the same room together,” she quipped. “I think Lee is trying to move on – but it’s very apparent that they have unfinished business.”

Surrounding this love quadrangle is overflowing violence and craziness at the hands of the villains. Returning with a vengeance is Fish Mooney – played by Jada Pinkett Smith – which could be bad news for Oswald Cobblepot, aka, Penguin.

New faces to Gotham City are Mad Hatter (played by Benedict Samuel) and an adult Poison Ivy (played by Maggie Geha).

“There is a lot going on in Gotham,” Baccarin said, adding that hero Jim is in a very “dark place.”

“He’s a bounty hunter, he’s depressed, he’s lost the love of his life, he’s lost a child – he’s got to figure out what his next move is and the city itself has had a complete meltdown.”

The 37-year-old actress said it’s such a pleasure to be on set with all these characters, however acknowledges that she is still learning exactly who they are from the comics.

“I know the basic people and occasionally I will be on set and say ‘Wow your character is really cool!’ and they’re like ‘Didn’t you know that’s so and so?’” she said. “I am getting my DC Comics education through this show.”

Baccarin added: “We do enough to feed the fans the stories and characters they are used to and they love, but we also take our own path and renew it and make it our own.”

“It’s the playground of all the villains and all the superheroes from the comics. It’s really fun to watch everyone evolve… It’s a pleasure to watch these guys work.”

As for what is happened outside of “Gotham,” Baccarin said she is as antsy as another fans to know what is going to happen with the sequel to “Deadpool.”

“I’ve been told that I will be participating in it – I really don’t know what that means, where my character will be or what’s going on with the story,” she said. “But I know that they are working tirelessly to make the script as great as the first one was.”

Season three of "Gotham" premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX.