'Mob Wife' Natalie Guercio: People tell me they're going to kill me

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VH1's “Mob Wives” star Natalie Guercio is no stranger to danger ... or drama. The single mom has encountered her fair share of cat fights with the other wives on the reality show, and in December her boyfriend, London Rene, was viciously attacked at a Brooklyn nightclub. Natalie talked with FOX411 about Rene’s attack and constant death threats.

FOX411: What happened the night of your boyfriend’s attack?

Natalie Guercio: Well, we went out and somebody attacked him. Somebody attacked him when he wasn’t looking and it was just a nightmare. It was gory. There was blood.

FOX411: What were the severity of his injuries?

Guercio: He sliced him in his face. On his arm. As soon as London felt the slash he grabbed him and put him down on the ground and was holding his hands, and while he was holding his hands he was slicing him all over. So, he’s pretty cut up on his stomach and on his arm. You know, three inches down he would have bled to death right there and died. An inch over on his arm and he would have lost all feeling in his fingers, and if it went any deeper on his side. It was pretty bad.

FOX411: How’s London healing?

Guercio: He’s still healing. He’s not 100 percent. I don’t think he’s going to be a 100 percent for a while.

FOX411: Is [the attacker] connected to the mob?

Guercio: It has nothing to do with the mafia. It has nothing to do with the show. It’s just an animal. A jealous animal that did this. You know, right now our lawyers and everybody is handling it. I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s London’s story, and he’ll be able to tell it.

FOX411:  Do you worry that being on a popular show highlighting mob life makes you a target?

Guercio: There’s tons of jealously. Tons. I get people telling me every day telling me they’re going to kill me, slice me. You know they blame me for what happened to London and that’s not the case. I play a character on a reality TV show. It’s TV.

FOX411: So, you’re saying you play a character on show that is seemingly real?

Guercio:  It’s real. You got to understand something. You have a problem and the problem gets magnified so you’re only concentrating on that one issue and that one problem you’re not looking at the happy moments. You’re not looking at mom on Sunday, family day. You’re not looking at that, but what they’re showing.