Missy Robertson pondered 'Duck Dynasty' family prayer after Phil suspended

It’s been a busy few weeks for Missy Robertson. 

The “Duck Dynasty” star watched her father-in-law Phil get suspended and then reinstated to their reality show —all in matter of days—and she recently launched a new fashion line in Collaboration with Stephanie Carter’s Southern Fashion House. Missy caught up with FOX411 via email to talk about her hectic and exciting life.

FOX411: Where were you —and what was your initial reaction— when you heard Phil had been suspended from the series?
Missy Robertson: I was actually doing an all-day photo shoot for my clothing line when the news broke, so I didn't know anything about it until I walked in my house that evening and Jase told me. After it sunk in a minute, my initial reaction was, "Is Kay going to move to the end of the table and say the blessing?" We both chuckled at that thought.

FOX411: Recently your fans came forward in full-force to show their love and support of the series, what have you come to learn about the audience that watches “Duck Dynasty?”
Robertson: Our fans are truly passionate! I can say personally that I am completely overwhelmed by the outspoken support of our family. People have called to me from the open windows of their cars, across parking lots, in the grocery store, at the mall, just about everywhere I go in public. They have gone out of their way to make a point in letting us know that they support our family 100 percent and appreciate our taking a stand for Christianity in a public way. They also tell us that they are praying for us to stay strong and to not waiver from our values.

Our fans have also been very encouraging to Jase and me in particular this week after our daughter, Mia, had a major surgery to correct her cleft. Both of us have received hundreds of personal messages on our social media sites letting us know that we are in their thoughts and prayers, and Mia has received quite a few cards and small gifts of encouragement as well. She is even keeping all the envelopes so she can see how many different states in which people are praying for her. We are truly grateful for all of the support.

FOX411: As “Duck Dynasty” returns, what exciting things can fans expect to see this upcoming season? Any crazy antics you can tell us about?
Robertson: While I can't give away any coveted inside-information, I can say that you will be introduced to a new family member this year as well as see the guys get themselves into even more silly situations. You definitely won't want to miss the season finale as it will highlight some really sweet and tender family moments.

FOX411: How does [your new] clothing line reflect your personal style?
Robertson: My style is what I would call "classically simple." I like clean lines with a bit of detail. I've always felt that being classy and modest go hand-in-hand, however, finding modest clothes that are still young-looking and trendy has always been a challenge for me. This line brings all of that together in each piece. This line will cover what needs to be covered while still being classy, comfortable and stylish.

FOX411: Who are some of the designers that you look to for inspiration?  
Robertson: No one specific designer really has inspired me except for Stephanie Carter. I've never really enjoyed shopping for clothes for myself because I usually ended up so frustrated. However, now that I am on a national television show and am making numerous public appearances, I realized I was very particular in my choice of clothes and in my style. I was drawn to the things that Stephanie did as well as such lines as VAVA and Voom by Joy Haan, Biya, Pete and Greta, For Love and Liberty and JWLA. All of these spoke to me about my own particular style.