MIss America: 'I definitely wish I could take some things back'

Kira Kazantsev always dreamed of becoming Miss America but when she won the crown last month, ugly stories circulated about her alleged abusive hazing of pledges at college. The 23-year-old blonde told Rob Shuter of Naughtybutnicerob.com that she does regret some of her actions.

“College was not the easiest time in my life,” she admitted. “I definitely wish I could take some things back. I wish I chose some other avenues of involvement in school. I can’t change that. All I can do is look to a brighter future and inspire other younger women entering college not to do those things.”

And the beauty queen also says that the media maelstrom was a difficult experience to go through.

It’s very hard when people take things and exploit them for the sake of a story and tell lies,” she said. “I went on ‘GMA’ and wrote a blog to explain all these things and I have done so to the best of my ability and I have a good moral character and compass and if people see that, that’s wonderful and if they choose to believe unfortunate lies I can’t control that.”