Miley Cyrus dances with strippers at DJ Borgore's 'Christmas Creampies' concert

Disney-girl-turned-party-girl Miley Cyurs got even wilder than usual this weekend when she performed in Los Angeles—with strippers…at someone else’s concert.

Cyrus, 19, took the stage at DJ Borgore's "Christmas Creampies" concert and danced alongside topless strippers. The former “Hannah Montana” star wore tight black pants and a cutout bra top with leopard-print boots as she performed at Borgore’s show.

The Israeli DJ told Rolling Stone he was excited to have Cyrus perform with him.

"I really wanted her here, really," he said. "I feel like the second I go on the mic and there’s another person on the mic, it goes extremely well.

Cyrus collaborated with Borgore once before for the track “Decisions,” and he said he was not concerned about working with the somewhat controversial starlet.

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“I didn’t think twice before I did this. I was so certain this is gonna work," he said.

Check out Cyrus’ raunchy performance in the NSFW video below:

[youtube Mj3X74Xnx9k]