'Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss sentenced to 150 days in jail

Actor Shaun Weiss, who got his first taste of fame playing the goalie in the “Mighty Ducks” franchise, Goldberg, has been sentenced to spend 150 days in a Los Angeles County jail. The 38-year-old actor reportedly began his sentence on Monday.

Weiss’ manager confirmed the news to Page Six saying that the “Ducks” star’s sentence began already and remained optimistic about his life after he serves he's served his jail time.

“Hopefully when he gets out he will go to rehab so he can stay sober,” he said.

According to TMZ, Weiss was arrested for stealing $151 in merchandise from Fry’s Electronics earlier in July. Two days after his arrest, he reportedly pled no contest to petty theft and was issued the 150-day sentence. Apparently, the sentence was a little tougher as this was the actor’s second petty theft offense.

In addition to the “Mighty Ducks” franchise, which lasted three movies, Weiss was previously featured in “Heavyweights,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “The King of Queens” and “The Tony Danza Show.” Weiss also does standup comedy.