Mexican Actress Eiza Gonzalez Crossing Over To Hollywood As ‘Satanico Pandemonium’

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The name Eiza González may seem familiar to many fans of actor Liam Hemsworth, as she was spotted with him last summer after his highly covered split with ex-fiancé Miley Cyrus.

But the 24-year-old Mexican actress is moving away from the tabloid stories – “I don’t pay attention to tabloids because 99 percent [of what they say] is a lie” – and stacking her claim as the up-and-coming actress in the United States with a little help from Robert Rodriguez’s TV remake of “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

“I’ve been in the business since I was really young (and) at the end of the day, the only thing I focus on is work,” González told Fox News Latino. “I’ve been in similar situations before and I’ve gotten to know that it doesn’t really matter. Things like these [tabloid stories] are always going to happen. Your personal life has nothing to do with your work.”

González moved to the United States about six months ago and is currently starring in the 10-episode remake of Rodriguez’s cult classic film, alongside the likes of Wilmer Valderrama and Don Johnson. And she had really big shoes to fill as Satanico Pandemonium,” a role that catapulted Salma Hayek’s career nearly two decades ago.

“When you do such an iconic role, you obviously have a feeling of having to step up, but I didn’t feel all that nervous,” she said, adding that it’s an honor to play the roles, with their own little twist. “(Rodriguez) has been super supportive.”

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The “Machete” director could not stop gushing about González when he spoke with Fox News Latino last month, simply calling her “amazing.”

“I’ve never done such a dark role in my career,” said González, who left a telenovela career back in Mexico. “I am doing this transition from the good girl to … a dark side to it, which I love. And it’s been awesome.”

She said the fade into Hollywood has been really easy and that she has met some amazing people so far.

“You hear all these stories and when you get to meet them, it’s so not what I was expecting,” González said. “And it’s so beautiful to see these amazing sides of people, I have been blessed to be working with some awesome people.”

“From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” airs Tuesdays on Rodriguez’s El Rey Network.

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